“These two actors are able to hold the audience rapt with their clever shenanigans and amazing feats of agility, they keep us amused and inspired.”
Hettie Lynn Hurtes of NPR Station KPCC

“all very goofy, giddy, funny and executed with infectious charm.”
L.A. Weekly Go! Pick

“...all performed with flair and terrific, Saroyanesque charm...a perfectly matched team of clowns, anarchists, and pantomimists.”
Backstage West Critic’s Pick
“...raw, captivating physicality...I think it's safe to say I was unequivocally mesmerized the entire length of the show.”
TimeOut Chicago magazine

“The entire show is flawlessly crafted in a unique fashion with well-choreographed movements and musical interludes featuring adept rhythmic timing under the expert direction of Bryan Coffee.”

two-man clown show...is a wacky Dadaist trip.”
L.A. Weekly Go! Pick

“...evidence that wholesome comedy still has the potential to be both relevant and overwhelmingly well-received.”

“Their work is admiringly classic in feel, fun yet sinister, always intimidatingly hilarious, and held in the highest of regard by anyone with a sharp wit and the luck to have seen them live.”
Kevin Chesley, writer, MTVs Hard Times of RJ Berger

“...old-fashioned, wholesome and thoroughly likable.”
The Oregonian

“it will keep you laughing on the ride home.”
Backstage West

"...pure escapism—a frolicsome, light-hearted romp, full of gags and slapstick."
Indietheater.org review of "Ineffable"

Press reviews of our most recent show, INEFFABLE:

“Two agile and inventive clowns… as much Cirque du Soleil as it is Chaplin-esque, with a little commedia dell'arte thrown in…the show is over too soon. …their brand of cleverness should be seen firsthand.”
L.A. WEEKLY GO Pick! Melinda Schupmann

“On a simple stage dominated by a coffin and two top hats, the silent duo of Ten West takes their audience on a seriocomic journey through life and death. Spending an evening in a funeral parlor will never be this entertaining.”
Felicity Doyle, LA Theatre Review

“Moving, funny, poignant and thoroughly entertaining…Spectacular, visual experience…This is definitely a show that must be experienced personally in order to fully grasp the impact it leaves on the audience. Two thumbs and 8 fingers up – way up!”
Robert Leggett, examiner.com

“Another well conceived, entertaining hour of performance art from Stephen Simon and Jon Monastero. This time these two “speechless” actors have chosen death as the theme, and simply through their physical antics and brilliant facial expressions the delectable duo is able to transform a typically morbid subject into a hilarious experience.”
Hettie Lynn Hurtes, NPR Station KPCC

“Charming, delightful, intelligent and hilarious. These two clowns are seriously talented comedians, who have built one hell of a death party. Their commitment to their craft is inspirational as they glide in and out of the audience, making us not just a passive listener but a part of the journey. Their show is clean, sharp and effective but not simple, it deals with the weighty ideas of death with both poignancy and fervor. Guaranteed to make you laugh, this is a solid show all around.”
Jeremy Aluma, award winning director of the award winning show, "Four Clowns"

“Breathtakingly hilarious and infinitely theatrical, celebrating Grand Guignol, vaudeville, silent movies, and commedia of the highest order. …these top-notch farceurs have achieved poignancy, laughs, pathos, charm, and more.”
Tony Frankel, Stage and Cinema

From our first show in 2005!

“...these guys are headed somewhere very interesting.”
Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune